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April 17, 2014

Earlier this week we launched the first true all-screen video solution that will free marketers from the stress of having to allocate their video budgets by device. Our patented technology, VideoHub, will do the heavy lifting by programmatically delivering their ads on whichever device it will work best.

Visit the links below to see what a few of the industry’s top digital media outlets are saying:

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AdExchanger: For Six Flags, Video Is The TV Buy

Cynopsis Digital: Morning Briefing


UK Managing Director On Average Viewability Percentage and Why It’s Important




March 24, 2014

In a post on Brand Republic’s The Wall, a digital blog that helps the marketing, media and communications industries to understand the effects of emerging technology and media change, our UK Managing Director Alex Macnamara breaks down average viewability percentage and why it’s important for video advertisers.

Tremor Video Participates in Silmulmedia Salon



March 18, 2014

Last week Lauren Wiener, our President of Global of Sales and Marketing, participated in a Simulmedia Salon to discuss the future of video advertising. She joined Dave Morgan, Simulmedia CEO and founder, and Andrew Feigenson, SVP of Digital Client Services at Nielsen, for a conversation that focused on programmatic buying, as well as the power of TV and video. For a comprehensive recap of the event head to CMS Wire.



The Drum Highlights New Offerings for UK Advertisers

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March 13, 2014

Today The Drum covered two major announcements we’re making that will give UK advertisers more options when they work with Tremor Video.

First, we’re introducing our suite of guaranteed performance-based pricing models for in-stream video, which will allows advertisers to only pay when a consumer meets their pre-determined objective such as viewing a video ad to completion in a player that is 100% in-view.

We’re also extending average viewability percentage as a part of standard reporting for every campaign, at no additional cost, to our UK media network clients. We’re able to provide such metrics because our proprietary technology, VideoHub®, became the first video advertising technology to be accredited for average viewability percentage by the Media Rating Council (MRC) in May 2013.

Read the full article here.

Tremor Video Tells Mobile Marketer What Drives Automakers’ Mobile Success



March 12, 2014

In a piece entitled, “How automakers marry display and video ads for mobile potency”, Tremor Video’s Tim Ware discusses the success that automakers are seeing when they utilize best practices in mobile. Read the article here.

Head of Mobile and Connected TV Sales Shares Best Practices for a Successful Multi-Screen Campaign




February 25, 2014

In today’s edition of MadAve Mobile Tim Ware, our VP of Mobile and Connected TV Sales, sat down with Managing Editor Anna Baskin to share his best practices for a successful multi-screen campaign. See a snippet below, and check out the full interview here.

First, you need to establish clear goals and objectives because the creative execution will be directly informed by the goal(s) to be achieved. For example, awareness, time spent, or engagement. Then you need to conceive creative for optimal consumption and engagement by device.

  • Different devices elicit different types of behavior and interactions – a mouse click is very different than a screen swipe – so you need to design and build to maximize the response based on differing behavior. It’s fairly well known that smartphones generate more frequent and shorter visits that augment an individual’s video consumption throughout the course of the day. Not asking a user to do too much with smartphone video ads is a good practice, as it’s more cumbersome to interact when users are typically on the go and don’t have time to be overtly disrupted by a sales pitch. Our most successful campaigns utilize frequent brand messages that mesh well with broader campaign. Meanwhile, tablets have been shown to drive longer sessions and engagement. As a result, tablet video ads can more effectively pitch and influence consumers to interact with relevant ads, as users have tendency to have greater tolerance and time. Exposure across multiple screens will better influence recall and post-exposure awareness, and Tremor Video has set out to prove that, having just released new products that can guarantee a Cost-Per-Shift (brand awareness) in mobile.
  • Screen size is important to consider when planning a campaign across devices because editing and graphics require different treatments for different sizing. For example, if you aren’t considering the screen size when you run video on mobile, you can lose details such as facial expressions or products in the background becoming too small. Medium shots become wide shots in mobile. Transitions and fades that play well in larger viewing environments often become pixelated, corrupted, or jittery when confined to a mobile environment.
  • Smartphones and tablets enable touch interactivity, so take advantage of this element that isn’t available on computers or laptops.
  • Think about the message immediacy mobile devices offer, and build experiences differently. People are used to a lean-forward experience on the computer, whereas mobile is more utilitarian and surfing on a tablet is more of a leisure activity.
  • Remember that no two screens are identical ,so the ad experiences shouldn’t be built as one-size fits all. Engage and delight consumers, do not disrupt them. Great creative targeted to the right person in the right environment at the right time is the best way to engage consumers on any device.

Once you have smart goals and creative that works across devices, you absolutely must work with a company that utilizes technology to optimize campaign performance based directly on brand marketers KPI’s. Reach and price are important, but they don’t meet the objectives that marketers care about, like engagement, consideration, perception and intent.

Tremor Video Releases “Watching is Shopping: Home Improvement” Infographic

Tremor Video released an infographic today entitled “Watching is Shopping: Home Improvement” which takes a look at home improvement shopping trends to better understand advertising opportunities. Check it out below.



Tremor Video Celebrates Super Creative Video Ad Challenge Judge’s Choice Winner

Tremor Video hosted an event with Blue Moon Brewing Company to celebrate their Super Creative Video Ad Challenge win.

A panel of industry experts from Ad Age/Creativity, the Advertising Club of New York, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Vimeo  and Tremor Video voted to name Blue Moon Brewing Company and agency partners Integer and MC Media the Judge’s Choice Winner for their “Expressionist” video, part of the brand’s Craftsman Series of videos.

SCVAD winners in Chicago

VideoHub Attends Beet.TV’s Annual Beet Retreat

January 27, 2014

This year’s annual Beet.TV Beet Retreat  was held in Vieques, Puerto Rico and brought together leaders in digital video to discuss the most important topics in the industry. VideoHub’s Anthony Risicato joined a panel on pricing, viewability and effectiveness. Beet.TV caught up with Anthony to discuss VideoHub’s take on analytics and how we’re approaching programmatic video. Head over to Beet.TV to see the interview.

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Tremor Video’s Doron Wesly Sits Down with Beet.TV at CES ’14


January 14, 2014

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Tremor Video’s Head of Market Strategy Doron Wesly sat down with Beet.TV to talk about this year’s trends in video advertising. See the interview here.

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