As TV buyers enter digital video and digital buyers move from display metrics to brand health goals, Tremor Video is paving the way to enable everyone to transact through the marketing maze (a.k.a., funnel) and match metrics to missions. From CPM to CPQ, meaningfully reach and persuade consumers at scale to love your brand. Buy what you want, how you want. What’s your cost-per?


Performance-based pricing solutions for in-stream video
Why would anyone pay for something that didn’t meet your expectations or goals? Tremor Video introduced the largest suite of pricing models for in-stream video that match buying guarantees to brand marketers’ objectives. Guaranteed.





Engagement Guarantee™: CPE (Cost-Per-Engagement)
Increase engagement and time spent and only pay when viewers choose to opt in and engage more deeply with your ad, as accredited by the MRC.

Brand Shift Guarantee™: CPS (Cost-Per-# Shifted)
Measurably drive brand health and only pay when viewers’ intent, preference, or favorability is positively shifted toward your product/service.

Conquest Guarantee™: CPQ (Cost-Per-# Conquested)
Steal hearts/minds away from the competition and only pay when viewers’ intent is shifted toward your brand.


CPD (Cost-Per-Demo)
Reach the people you want and only pay when we deliver your demo target, as validated by our integration with Nielsen OCR (GRPs) or comScore vCe.

CPV&C (Cost-Per-100% Viewable & 100% Complete)
Capture a TV-like experience online and only pay for your ad at 100% viewability and 100% completion, as accredited by the MRC.

Tremor Extend programmatic solution
Simply and efficiently expand the brand-safe reach of your marketing campaigns with Tremor Extend. Our programmatic buying managed service offers you access to Tremor Video’s pre-roll video advertising inventory via leading demand-side platforms.

Select advertisers also have the opportunity to establish private exchanges of premium inventory drawn from our roster of exclusive publisher partners.

For more information on programmatic, contact:
Greg Smith, 646-507-5225