Ad Specs

Super Pre-Roll Takeover CPE

Drive branding and engagement with this interactive ad unit that integrates a graphic overlay trigger on top of a brand’s :15 or :30 second video spot. Viewers engage with the ad by rolling over or clicking the trigger to open a branded slate that expands outside the video player to engage viewers in advertiser content. The advertiser ONLY pays when a consumer triggers this interactive experience.

Viewer Experience

  • A :15 or :30 second pre-roll video begins playback.
  • An overlay trigger appears at any location and any cue point, over the video.
  • Rolling over for 3 seconds or clicking on the overlay trigger pauses the pre-roll and an out-of-player interactive panel which takes over the viewer's browser window with more robust content.


  • The interactive layer can support different types of features, including additional videos, photo galleries, social features, polls or surveys, and location-based lookups.
Publisher Player RequirementsMinimum Player Size: 300x169px
Execution TimelineAllow 3 weeks for execution.
  • Creative calls with the client are highly recommended.
  • 4-day timeline for creative brief and/or storyboard after all assets have been received
  • Storyboard template (.PSD) available upon request
  • 10-day timeline for creative build once storyboard design is approved
  • Any major creative change during the campaign flight requires an additional 3-7 days build time.
Pre-Roll Specs
  • Size: 640x360px (16:9) or 640x480px (4:3)
  • Max Video File Size: MOV-20MB / FLV-3MB
  • Video Length: 15 or 30 seconds
  • Frame Rate: 24 or 30 FPS
  • Audio: 128kbps / 44khz
  • Minimum Bit Rate: 600kbps
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 widescreen / 4:3 standard
  • Recommended Codecs: H.264 codec for MOVs, de-interlaced or progressive only
  • Codecs NOT accepted: DVCPRO-HD and HDV 1081i60
Panel Specs
  • Size: approx. 800x750px
  • File Type: FLA and SWF or PSD
  • Flash Version: CS3 or higher, AS 3.0
  • Frame Rate: 15-30 FPS
  • Animation Max Duration: 15 seconds
  • All corresponding fonts
Logo or Brand ImageHigh-resolution image file (TIFF, EPS, layered PSD, FLA)
Additional Video Specs
  • Up to 4 additional videos can be hosted in the slate.
  • Same specs as the Pre-Roll video apply, but each video can be a maximum of 5 minutes in duration.
Third-Party TrackingInteraction with each panel can be tracked independently using standard tracking pixels and click commands. To track impressions, engagements, and/or clicks, please provide the following:
  • Log-in credentials for third-party vendors
  • A 1x1 tracking pixel to track impressions and/or engagements
  • A click tag to track clicks to a destination page
If using DART, standard DART tracking tags and click commands are preferred. If using a different vendor, please contact your Tremor Video Account Manager for details. iFrame, iLayer, JavaScript, or internal redirect tags are not accepted.
Companion Banner SpecsPreferred third-party ad tags in iFrames with a no script image call for Flash-based environments.

If Tremor Video hosts the creative:
  • Size: 300x250
  • File Type: JPG or GIF
  • Max File Size: 75K

Contact your Tremor Video Sales Representative or Account Manager for details on any of our ad formats.