Tremor Video and Veri-Site’s New Certification Program

Guest Post By Gianpaolo Sinicropi, Veri-Site
July 9, 2014

Earlier today, we were pleased to announce that Tremor Video has joined our new Veri-Site CertificationTM program for ad networks and publishers seeking to mitigate the risk of doing business with rogue websites. Tremor Video has become Veri-Site Certified, showing their dedication to providing safe online experiences for advertising and publishing partners. But what does that mean and why is that important to you?

The world of digital advertising has brought advertisers endless opportunities to reach potential customers in a targeted fashion with virtually boundless potential for growth. This type of advertising occurs within a highly complex online advertising ecosystem that contains many different actors and stakeholders, including advertisers, advertising agencies, ad networks, ad exchanges, ad trading platforms and websites, and other media properties on which advertisements are placed. Whew! That is a mouthful, but bear with me.

These ad networks and ad exchanges use complicated algorithms to place ads on different sites – and this is usually accomplished through a fully automated process. And, here in lies the problem. Did you know that by 2016, more than 50 percent of ad buys will be automated? This means that advertisers will have less control over which ads appear on which sites. It’s scary to think that control over online ad placement could be lost without proper oversight and tools. And here’s why: Ads can – and many times are –inadvertently placed on websites or other media properties associated with unauthorized dissemination or materials protected by copyright or trademark laws. Advertisements placed on such rogue sites can cause harm to consumers, advertisers, content creators and distributors. Ultimately, the most harm is caused to advertisers by associating their brands with illegal activity that results in billions of ad dollars being hijacked annually. Consider the following statistics compiled from a study commissioned by the Digital Citizens Alliance (supported by research from Veri-Site and other companies):

  • The 30 largest sites that profit exclusively from advertising averaged $4.4 million annually, with the most heavily trafficked BitTorrent and P2P portal sites topping $6 million annually.
  • Even small sites studied could make more than $100,000 a year in advertising revenue.
  • Because they rely entirely on the works of others for their “products,” their profit margins range from 80% to 94%, underscoring that crime can pay when you steal other people’s content.

Enter Veri-Site. Our company assesses the hazards associated with risky domains, through risk scoring, to assist advertisers and/or their agencies in creating a strategy that meets their internal risk tolerance. Tremor Video, through Veri-Site Certification, now has access to tools and support to help them decide the extent to which they wish to limit or restrict the display of their advertisements on sites or other forms of media that meet their internal risk tolerance. Our data is updated daily, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. We also offer an objective review and evaluation process for claims from entities of erroneous scoring to ensure the proper due diligence for the ad ecosystem is in place.

Until recently, advertisers who wished to keep their advertisements off all or a subset of rogue sites had limited options available to effectuate their intentions. In the last few years, however, a number of Digital Advertising protection providers, like Veri-Site, have emerged to provide a variety of ways to assist advertisers, ad agencies, ad networks, trading platforms and/or other actors in the ad ecosystem and avoid the undesired placement of ads on these rogue sites.. Additionally, organizations are creating guidelines and initiatives to combat online ad piracy and the networks behind rogue websites.

The advertising community, working with others in the online media and advertising ecosystem, has come together to create a voluntary program designed to validate that these entities, and others that will enter the market, effectively provide the services they offer. Veri-Site is among the first to provide a quality certification program to protect against the harm caused by online ad piracy. Now, all who have a stake in the online advertising ecosystem can gain confidence that advertisements placed on rogue sites against the wishes of the advertiser will be greatly diminished − to the benefit of brands, consumers and creators alike.

Gianpaolo Sinicropi is the head of business development for the Americas at Veri-Site. Learn more about the services they provide and Veri-Site Certification at