Tremor Video Adds Social Targeting Through an Exclusive Partnership with Affinity Answers

Tremor Video Adds Social Targeting Through an Exclusive Partnership with Affinity Answers

VH1 Utilizes “Mutual Affinity” Insight to More Effectively Target Video Ad Campaigns

New York, July 9, 2014 – Tremor Video, Inc. (NYSE: TRMR), an advertising technology company elevating brand performance across all screens for the world’s leading brands and publishers, today announced a new, exclusive partnership enabling clients to leverage social data of 200 million consumers to more effectively target specific consumer audiences with video ads. Through an exclusive partnership with Affinity Answers, a social-media affinities tracking firm, Tremor Video can leverage social intelligence from the largest panel of consumer data in the world to target consumers who have a higher propensity to like a brand based on affinities.

“We’re excited to partner with Affinity Answers to help our clients increase coveted engagement with their brand stories,” said Katie Seitz Evans, Vice President of Strategy & Operations at Tremor Video. “Consumers are more open about their passions than ever before, and through the company’s mutual affinity data, marketers can now harness that power to discover and keep consumers.”

This new agreement enables Tremor Video clients to expand and engage audiences by leveraging Affinity Answers’ unique and proprietary social scoring algorithm. The concept of mutual affinity organizes the powerful clues people express through their social actions into an actionable targeting solution that marketers can leverage for all-screen video.

“At Affinity Answers, we know that just ‘liking’ or ‘following’ a brand doesn’t tell us enough, so we’ve built a platform that analyzes a variety of factors to determine genuine, active social engagement,” said Sree Nagarajan, founder and CEO of Affinity Answers. “When people express true affinities, it gives brands and media companies unique clues that enable better advertising precision. We’re proud to partner with Tremor Video to offer this solution to their clients.”

Mutual affinity reveals insights into consumers that standard measurement and cookie data simply can’t. It focuses on reciprocal relationships between people and the brands they feel strongly about, the product and services they embrace and the conversations they have about TV shows, movies, music and other forms of entertainment. The overlap between people’s passion points and their active social engagement with brands provides smarter, more custom and robust ways for brands to scale their reach and influence to consumers across all screens.

VH1, through their agency Mullen, is capitalizing on mutual affinity insight that reveals the crossover appeal between the active engagers with the overall VH1 brand and the specific media outlets that have a high propensity to appeal to VH1 fans.

“At VH1, understanding our consumers’ affinities is key for us,” said Stephanie Werner, VH1’s VP of Consumer Marketing. “Social media activity is a great indicator of consumers’ interests, and this new offering from Tremor Video allows us to further leverage social data outside of Facebook and Twitter to significantly expand our reach and most importantly, engagement with our brand.”

This partnership allows marketers to engage and expand their audiences by using social affinities in the planning, execution, and measurement of their brand campaigns across every medium.

About Tremor Video
Tremor Video (NYSE: TRMR) is transforming the video advertising experience across all screens for the world’s leading brands. Our proprietary technology, VideoHub®, offers advertisers and publishers a complete programmatic solution to reach and engage consumers while providing new insights into what drives the success of brand advertising performance across multiple devices. Tremor Video is based in New York with offices throughout the US and across the globe. For more information, visit and find Tremor Video on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Affinity Answers
Affinity Answers helps entertainment marketers engage and expand their audiences by using social affinities in the planning, execution, and measurement of brand campaigns across every medium. Our affinity analysis is grounded in years of direct engagement with entertainment companies, and draws upon our unique dataset of 200 million consumers in Facebook and Twitter. Founded under the name Colligent in 2005, Affinity Answers is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with R&D operations in India.

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