CEO Bill Day on Facebook’s Acquisition of LiveRail

You probably read about the proposed acquisition of LiveRail by Facebook today. Facebook has been beefing up its video offering for some time now, so this is really no surprise.

It’s a great move and really underscores the importance of technology partners today offering the full end-to-end solution that encompasses the needs of both advertisers and publishers. Moving to automated systems like programmatic are supposed to make things easier for partners, not harder.  It’s why we announced our intent to offer a video SSP built for premium publishers’ needs earlier this year.

This also demonstrates the strong interest in premium programming, which is where we have been operating for years (literally since 2010).

The video ad tech space is strong, in many ways in contrast to the display ad tech space, because people see that both video budgets and video consumption are growing. We believe that as an independent company with premium publisher partnerships, we are in a very strong position in the market and serve as a great counter to those that exist within a large corporation.

The video landscape is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, and we believe the technology we are developing today will lead to even more innovation tomorrow.  And that can only benefit our clients as they continue to discover the advantages of video advertising.