A Multi-Screen Morning at the VideoNuze Summit

By Bridget Feeney
June 26, 2014

Last week Tremor Video proudly sponsored the VideoNuze 2014 Online Video Advertising Summit in New York City, which welcomed many thought leaders from companies across the industry that provided great insights into the ever-evolving world of video advertising. After a quick cup of coffee, I settled in to enjoy a morning focused on video, television, programmatic, and multi-screen advertising.

VN1Throughout the day there were many discussions on the similarities and differences of television and video, and whether those two words are synonyms, antonyms, or something in between.

Our VP of Strategy and Operations, Katie Seitz Evans, joined the panel titled “Follow the Eyeballs: Advertising Success in the Multi-Screen Age” which began by looking at all aspects of multi-screen advertising. How does the client understand multi-screen advertising? What are the challenges of multi-screen measurement? How does programmatic buying effect multi-screen advertising? Katie asserted that clients should buy what screens they want how they want, and that programmatic buying should not change any of that. Katie noted that agencies should not sit down and think, “So, what screens and devices should we use?” Katie believes that when it comes to making that decision, “the technology should do it for you.”

The conversation continued investigating interaction, pricing, and viewability. Katie mentioned that one main problem of viewability measurement is the inconsistency that is present. Katie pointed out that, even with MRC accreditation, companies have different viewability standards because companies will add additional metrics to their personal viewability standards without reporting the addition. The lack of communication prevents a consistent viewability standard.

This year’s VideoNuze Advertising Summit put together a wonderful program that allowed attendees to really  think about the challenges and successes of the video advertising industry. It certainly made the middle of my week interesting and educational.